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wireless IoT design

  • We Create Unique Wireless IoT Products That Stand Out

  • Extensive Expertise In Wireless IoT Design, Audio and Acoustics Design

  • Technology Evaluations, Feasibility Studies and Product Integrations for Wireless Devices

  • Managing Complex Project Costs Efficiently With On-Time Deliverables

  • Cutting Edge Designs and Innovations

  • Established Global Network of Suppliers and Technology Providers

  • EMS/ODM Management

  • All Projects Are Fixed Price

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R&D Process

wireless IoT Design

(1-3 WEEKS)

IoT Analysis Phase

During the Analysis Phase we will form a shared understanding and define a clear goal to know where to aim. The result will be a calculated analysis of your business opportunity/technology options tailored specifically to your unique product design and development requirements

(2-8 WEEKS)

Wireless IoT Design - Concept Creation Phase

The Project Starts With The Product Concept Creation Phase, Consisting Of The Following Tasks:

  • Physical and Digital Design Studies - Brand DNA Definition
  • Industrial Design Process
  • Feasibility Studies Based On Product Requirements
  • Technology/Platform Evaluation
  • Hardware, Radio Frequency, Mechanics Architecture and Simulations
  • Audio/Acoustics Design and Simulations
  • ODM/Platform Selection
  • Product Development Planning
  • Customer Care Concept Creation

(3-12 MONTHS)

Wireless IoT Design - Development Phase

Creating A Mature Prouct Concept, Establishes Predictable Schedule/Costs To Execute The Development Phase Tasks:

  • Software Development (Design, Integration, Testing)
  • Performance Optimization
  • Component Sourcing/Price Negotiations
  • Design Development/Risk Management for Mass Production Readiness
  • Project Management Including; (Prototyping, Testing, Type Approvals, Global Certifications and Field Testing)
  • Production Ramp-Up and Mass Production
  • Customer Care Services Preparation


Wireless IoT Design - Life Cycle Managment

Upon Development Phase Completion We Can Continue to Manage the Required Maintenance of Your Product:

  • Software Update Management
  • Field Data Analysis - Early Warning Process
  • Root Cause Analyses and Corrective Actions
  • Product Repairs and Replacements
  • Quality Control Throughout the Product Lifecycle
  • Product Refresh and Cost Management

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integration

Wireless IoT Design

Wireless IoT Design


  • Recommendations for product development and AVS integration
  • Technology evaluation based on the product requirements
  • High level specification and development schedule

Concept Creation

  • Product Design/Industrial Design (ID) according to industrial design intent
  • Simulations for audio and acoustics
  • Proof-of-concept using Creoir's reference design with Alexa Voice Service
  • Concept validation in Far Field Test Lab

Wireless IoT Design

Product Development

  • Detailed product design
  • AVS integration, testing and performance optimization
  • Product verification in audio labs (acoustic characteristics, speech recognition, wake-word performance and Alexa Voice Service pre-certification).
  • Design for manufacturability and certifications

Far Field Testing

  • Performance tests in Far Field Test Lab (noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation)
  • Wake-word performance testing (such as false rejection and false acceptance)
  • Alexa Voice Service far field certification readiness

IoT Device Development - Product References

Wireless IoT Design - Device Development

  • Container Tracking and Environmental Conditions

  • Activity and Heart Rate Monitor Design and Development

  • IoT Device Design

  • Medical Device Design

Smart Phone Design & Development

Wireless IoT Design - Device Development

The world doesn't need yet another smartphone

"It needs a new way of thinking."

Smart Charger Product Development

Wireless IoT Design - Device Development

The ASMO Charger is a Finish Invention that brings a fast, reliable and Smart Charger to market.

  • ASMO Charger does not use any electricity in standby mode

  • This unique patented feature makes ASMO Charger more fire safe than conventional chargers

  • Creoir did the complete product develoment, certification and mass production preparations


Smart Watch Concepts

Wireless IoT Design - Device Development

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Wireless IoT Design