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Avalon CX is our expert partner in Service Design and IoT Solution Design & Development. They offer a flexible suite of services to help identify opportunities and achieve measurable success.


Service Design is the act of planning and organizing people, technology, infrastructure, communication and other processes. When applied to IoT, it considers the solution through a customer-centric lens and ensures that the result is relevant, user-friendly, sustainable and competitive for the IoT business case.

If Design is the process of intentionally creating a product or service with a desired outcome in mind, then gaining a deep understanding of the influencing factors lays the foundation for achieving success. Most companies make assumptions about their end users needs, drivers and desires, skewing the final solution and increasing the potential to miss opportunities. Born from change and driven by data, Avalon CX helps companies genuinely understand their solution and designs products and services that make a meaningful and positive impact on their business.

Avalon CX specialize in helping product teams design and enhance the holistic experience around IoT solutions, considering all aspects of the user journey. Their collective backgrounds equip them with the perspective of both Marketing and Product Design, enabling them to help companies evaluate their current customer experience, identify the opportunities and then design services, processes and products that elevate your IoT business case.

Avalon CX relies on a combination of data and their decades of product development experience to help product teams close the gaps between their perception, the customers' expectations and reality. They deliver concrete, measurable deliverables today and support teams to develop a lasting continuous development culture within their organizations for the future. This process helps development teams edge closer to business by fostering more robust relationships with their business and customers and in doing so, improving the likelihood of long-term advocacy.


If you’re ready to improve your IoT program and forge more meaningful, lifetime relationships with your customers and business, get in touch with Avalon CX.

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