Our partner Quanna brings you E2E Product and Process Quality Management and Quality Assurance. Their lengthy industry experience makes them our preferred partner to offer this expertise.


Quanna lives by the philosophy that quality products do not happen by accident. They’re the result of smart, effective execution and intentionally ensure that quality is top of mind throughout the product development lifecycle.

Quanna designs and manages the IoT production and operations, ensuring that business operations are efficient, high quality and effective in meeting business requirements. As a responsible company, they offer services for CSR compliance alongside the manufacturing quality services.

Overall, Quanna helps establish a robust, lean and agile E2E Quality Assurance program for IT projects, including components and devices (chips, routers, sensors, gateways, phones, etc.) to enable the best possible user experience, resulting in satisfied customers with low returns.

If you’re looking for an expert to run your Process Quality Management and QA, look no further than Quanna.

We are a global IoT solutions provider!


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