The Novice Integrator

Novice IoT Integrators should take great caution in assuring proper planning & preparations are considered to understand the fundamental design principles of integrating complex wireless-IoT radio technologies prior to blindly jumping into their IoT design project.... read more


ON-PAGE Organic SEO Subscription Services

Implementing a proper ON-PAGE ORGANIC SEO Internet Marketing strategy will eliminate the need to pay a Google AD company, saving your company 10’s and 100’s of Thousands of marketing more


M2M Certified Inc has Moved to Texas

M2M Certified Inc. has officially moved its Headquarters of operation to Austin, Texas. Our motivations to migrate our business to Texas are based on several more


M2M Certified and Creoir Have Reunited to Introduce Innovative New Wireless-IoT Technology Solutions to the World

Former Nokia Colleagues Working Together Over Three Decades, We Have Developed and Delivered Every Wireless-IoT  Technology Generation to Market from 1G to more


Minima Processor and M2M Certified announced co-operation in US

Minima Processor and M2M Certified sign three year sales consulting contract to deploy new “Revolutionary Ultra Low Power Technology” that Enables Microprocessors to Operate at 10 Microwatts” and have announced their plans to license the “New Breakthrough Microprocessor Technology” to semiconductor companies in the United States beginning in early 2017... read more


Data Monetization Suite

M2M Certified teams up with The Silent Intelligence to introduce The Data Monetization Suite to its customers, chartered to identify and streamline a company’s growth strategy... read more

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