M2M Certified Inc has Moved to Texas


AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, February 7, 2023  -- M2M Certified Inc. has officially moved its Headquarters of operation to Austin, Texas. Our motivations to migrate our business to Texas are based on several economic, demographic and geopolitical shifts that are occurring as a result of the current deglobalization of the world with which we all live.

As such, M2M Certified has spent the previous two years while in the midst of the global pandemic, researching and developing its business interests in Mexico and establishing strategic business relationships and contacts to procure largescale IoT infrastructure projects in dire need of the many breakthroughs in Wireless-IoT technology solutions that are readily available today.

Choosing Austin, Texas made strategic business sense for us in a number of ways, says Kelly Venturini – CEO of M2M Certified Inc., as Austin is also a major wireless technology hub with companies like AT&T labs and many other advanced technology providers located there. Not to mentioned with the USMCA (NAFTA2) trade agreement between the USA, Mexico and Canada in full force now and gaining serious momentum, we felt the time is perfect for us to make the move and put ourselves in a position to capitalize on the endless potential of nearshoring opportunities coming available to introduce the technology suppliers we promote through our business channel in Mexico.

Additionally, the “Texas Triangle” (i.e., Dallas, San Antonio & Houston) geographical region of the United States is poised to capitalize on the next boom in technological expansion starting now and for decades to come which makes Austin, Texas an ideal area to relocate our business headquarters and to establish residence while taking advantage of the corporate tax incentives the State of Texas has to offer, including significant cost of living reductions compared to that of operating a growing business and living in California.

We are very much looking forward to operating our business in our new home of Austin, Texas which we believe will better serve our strategic partners, suppliers and customers to realize their long-term growth potential for an exciting & dynamic future in IoT.

M2M Certified Inc. is in the business of selling and procuring research & development of largescale Wireless-IoT Infrastructure projects, devices and a host of complex software development projects through CX design, a wholesale distributor of advanced GPS vehicle tracking systems for companies with large truck fleets and a Solar energy technology solutions distributor on behalf of its current supplier base (M2M’s Supply Chain), and we are continually pursuing the addition of new IoT technology companies to our supply chain portfolio that will enhance our capabilities to solve industrial size problems for our customers through the use of the many highly advanced IoT technologies that are available today, says Kelly Venturini—CEO of M2M Certified Inc.

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