M2M Certified Goes 100% Digital


Investing over $1 Million Dollars towards the development of its new Organic SEO/Google Ready “Internet On” Website Platform, M2M Certified announces the official launch of its new digital website platform specifically designed to harness the power of the internet, providing an instantaneous “Internet On” digital presence for our Strategic IoT Suppliers.

Through years of extensive research, M2M Certified recognized a massive shortage of qualified subject matter experts who actually possess all the skills necessary to fluently speak, read and write the language of the Internet, sending us on a quest over the past 3 years to acquire the best internet savvy subject experts in existence.

With the advent of the Internet taking the world by storm, now 20+ years in the making and with myriads of new IoT Technology start-ups arriving onto the scene, we saw an opportunity to build our own IoT Supply Chain of Innovative Technology Solution providers that we could provide an immediate “Internet On” 100% digital ready web platform to create a google ready digital presence to promote our strategic suppliers companies and brands.

In doing so we’ve removed the major challenges, obstacles and complexities for our strategic suppliers struggling with realizing the true benefits of the internet due to the lack of available highly skilled resources necessary to properly develop an “Internet On” 100% digital ready web platform of their own.

By combining a multitude of complex “Internet Language Hard Skill-sets” we have created a working formula streamlining Organic SEO Development and Expert Level Authentic On-Page Copywriting techniques that produce Google quality “Engaging Content” critical in achieving optimal organic internet search results that are now built directly into our platform, saving our strategic suppliers $10’s and $100’s of Thousands of wasted Dollars spent on untrustworthy and opportunistic external SEO Internet Marketeers.

This investment sets a new foundation building on our 13 year digital presence providing the “Link Juice” necessary to create an immediate “Internet On” vehicle for the Strategic Suppliers we host on our platform to achieve quality and consistent internet search results they can rely on; says Kelly Venturini-CEO, M2M Certified.

We are a global IoT solutions provider!


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