M2M Certified and Kaira Clan Establish Worlds First IoT Engine Academy

IoT Fundamentals: Big data analytics

M2M Certified and Kaira Clan Establish Worlds First IoT Engine Academy, eliminating the complexities for Novice IoT device integrators and manufacturers, streamlining global IoT device market access for mass adoption!

As such, we have broadened our global collaboration in IoT, offering turnkey Cellular-IoT Design Integration Services, Technology Selection, Use Case Validation, Global Connectivity and Global Certifications as a bundled package solution for new IoT Clients that attend our IoT Engine Academy.

This exciting new collaboration brings together veterans of the Cellular technology Industry from across the globe, forging a unique allegiance dedicated towards guiding their IoT clients through the IoT Critical Path challenges focused on spurring exponential growth in IoT.

Known IoT Facts

Ninety Five percent (95%) of all 1st time IoT integrators (The Novice Integrators) fail to pass the basic industry certification testing requirements necessary to gain access into the global IoT market place because they don’t understand the complexities to properly design a commercial grade quality cellular based IoT product and are inadequately unequipped to completely think through the validity of their own IoT business use cases.

Based on these Known IoT Facts, M2M Certified and Kaira Clan are hereby calling on all IoT Technology, Global Connectivity and Global Certification providers alike, to join our crusade and assist us in significantly reducing this alarming Novice IoT Customer failure rate by 30-50% over the next 3-5 years, substantially increasing value throughout the entire IoT Supply Chain!

Organized and operated out of Oulu, Finland, we have built the World’s First IoT Engine Academy, with uniquely structured curriculum towards educating our Novice IoT customers as to the challenges and complexities of starting a new Cellular Technology based IoT business, providing the tools necessary to validate and perfect their ideas and use cases by teaching them the fundamentals of how to properly build a commercial grade cellular based IoT product design that meets all mandatory global regulatory environmental & product safety certification laws that are legally required before distributing products to international markets.

Additionally, our new IoT Engine Academy clients will have access to myriads of new technology start-up innovations within our vast network of Universities, Ecosystems and Innovation Centers to design-in the horsepower necessary to “Fast Track” their innovative new IoT Technology solutions into the global marketplace with the scale to quickly grow their business right out of the starting gate. Says; Kelly Venturini-CEO, M2M Certified and Janne Siltari-Chairman, Kaira Clan.

We are a global IoT solutions provider!


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