The Wireless Industries First Supplier Direct (DIY) Global Certification Platform

We created a competitive new marketplace with a secure Cloud-based platform that enables certification suppliers to bid directly for your business, significantly reducing time and costs.

  • Certifications in over 160 countries

  • Up-to-date labeling and marking requirements

  • Easy certificate renewal/management

  • Automatic certificate renewal alerts

  • Suppliers working together with manufacturers

  • You control all your information stored in one secure location

We cut out the middleman, made it easier, faster and cheaper for you to do it yourself (DIY)

  • Knowledge Center includes certification requirements, labeling information, complete details on all suppliers

  • Communication Portal direct connection with the industry’s top certification suppliers, easy to use chat format

  • DIY Quoting System that is intuitive, request/receive quotes directly from country certification suppliers

  • Freedom of choice choose your suppliers!

  • Single Quotation and PO Process platform generates a final quotation, you pay us, we handle all supplier payments

  • Comprehensive Project Management Tool enables a collaborative environment with total transparency for manufacturers and suppliers to work together

  • Certificate Management System provides expiration tracking and notification, easy search capability and automated renewals

The platform specifically addresses performance, cost, collaboration, transparency, project management, certificate administration and expiration tracking.