Service and Product development ensure that architecture, technology selection and cost targets meet requirements via prototyping and computational models. It is critical to design and validate products to meet operations and mandatory certifications, avoiding expensive re-design in later phases.


We’ve formed strategic relationships with various specialist IoT product developers to bring you the absolute best in performance, cost and time to market.


CTIA/IEEE Battery Design

Artin Engineering, is our preferred specialist partner for the design, development, testing and certification of cells, battery packs and devices equipped with electrochemical energy storage capabilities.


Turnkey Product Development

Creoir is our preferred development partner for innovative wireless technology solutions. For three decades, we have jointly deployed every wireless technology generation from AMPS to 1G through to 5G and in the process, delivered thousands of products to market. Today Creoir is uniquely positioned to deliver the next evolutionary wireless technology advancements.


Custom GPS Innovations

With over ten years specializing in GPS tracking and IoT services, Positioning Universal develops small, power-efficient mobile devices that can tell you where they are and what they are doing. As industry experts, they always strive to achieve optimum performance, cost and implementation speed. They offer an a-la-carte manner of turnkey solutions so you can decide on the extent of integration with your existing systems.


Custom Antenna Solutions

Taoglas combines the latest in high-performance RF antennas with advanced positioning, imaging, audio and artificial intelligence technologies for companies with unique IoT challenges. They are located in seven countries, helping companies worldwide deliver complex IoT solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively.

We are a global IoT solutions provider!


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