Deploy | M2M Certified
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Deploy your product fast with our device provisioning/business management platform and gain instant scalability at market entry to a variety of USA/Global wireless service providers with usage based monthly service plans and no long-term contracts.

Uniquely architected for M2M, our platform is designed to incubate and grow new businesses across multiple M2M market verticals. Designed to interface with multiple user interfaces and applications, at a variety of service levels, feature sets and vertical markets using the same management backend with the ability to manage a wide range of device types.

M2M Device and Service Management

  • Sales
  • Provisioning
  • Operations
  • Customer Support
  • Billing
  • Device Management
  • Onboard Software for M2M Field-Based Hardware Development & Testing

M2M Hardware Field (OTA)

  • Upgrading
  • Modification & Testing Functions
  • Interface & Mechanics

User Interface Software Platforms Modularly Architected For Providing Third Party

  • Reporting
  • Mapping
  • Alerting
  • Mobile Device Interface

Systems Development, Customization & Integration

  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Carrier Services
  • Shipping Systems
  • IVR
  • Mobile Devices
  • Testing

Turnkey End-to-End System Operations Provided In A Flexible & Modular Fashion

  • Backend Wireless Service
  • Billing
  • Distribution
  • Management
  • Hardware Fulfillment
  • SIM Cards & Embedded SIMs for GSM Service
  • Ongoing Data/SMS Services