Data Monetization Suite


M2M Certified teams up with The Silent Intelligence to introduce The Data Monetization Suite to its customers, chartered to identify and streamline a company’s growth strategy.

With their proven scientific approach, The Silent Intelligence will meticulously sift through the mountains of data you’ve collected over decades and have stored across multiple desperate systems.

Through a series of internal and external interviews we will provide a fixed price project proposal to provide you with a thorough understanding of yours and your customers’ KPIs, key customer pain points and identify new market opportunities.

Upon completion of the project, we will deliver a Data Almanac, a Market Requirements Document (MRD) and New Product and Service Recommendations that organizes and maps all of your data into concise decision making criteria.

Based on the needs of your customers, The Data Almanac and MRD will conclude how valuable your data is and how it can be monetized – externally, through process optimization and/or through enhanced products & services, setting you apart from your competition.

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