Critical Path

The fast track to successful IoT Solutions.

The Critical Path is a proven process that gets you from an idea to a successful product launch. It involves 4 key stages: Service Design, Development, Certification and Operations. It is crucial to successfully establish a Concurrent Engineering (CE) design process.




In the Critical Path, Service Design is the activity of planning and organizing people, technology, infrastructure, communication and other components of the product or service. It ensures the solution will be user-friendly and relevant to the customers while being sustainable and competitive for the IoT business case.



Service and Product development will ensure architecture, technology selection and cost targets will meet requirements by prototyping and using computational models. It is critical to design and validate product to meet operations and mandatory certifications to avoid critical and expensive re-design in later phase.



Certifications and Regulatory Requirements planning is critical to be started in parallel with Development to keep development cost targets and timely delivery of solution. Depending on design and target markets, required certifications must be completed and mandatory regulations met, before able to start operations and avoiding liabilities.



Designing and controlling the process of production and operations of the IoT Service. Ensuring that business operations are efficient, high quality and effective in terms of meeting business requirements. Supervising production and the provision of service to ensure quality and overall cost of the solution offering.

Successful and efficient projects begin with Concurrent Engineering for IoT

Establishing a (CE) design process for wireless-IoT devices revolves around two critical concepts: All design/certification planning activities should coincide at the beginning of the IoT project design process. Careful consideration of all elements in a product's life-cycle* is required at the beginning of the design phases.

The concurrent nature of these activities significantly increases productivity and product quality. By implementing a CE Design Process at the start of your IoT project, you will be in a strong position to discover errors early in the process. The CE Design Process with The Critical Path helps avoid costly mistakes and delays before submitting your IoT project to an official Certifications Test Lab.

Critical Path in Concurrent Engineering design process is essential to understand dependencies before jumping right into your project’s phases.


Did you know?

95% of companies launching their first IoT product fail at the certification stage because they didn’t plan a concurrent engineering design process.

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