Completing certifications and meeting the regulatory requirements is crucial before starting operations and avoiding liabilities. Our strategic relationships with various specialists ensures you have access to the right vendors for your projects needs.


We’ve formed strategic relationships with various specialist IoT product developers to bring you the absolute best in performance, cost and time to market.


AT&T/PTCRB Certification

All Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices with integrated cellular technologies must meet PTCRB/Carrier network certifications before operating on a wireless network. M2M Certified offers a turnkey solution, program-managing your entire PTCRB/Certification process.


Global EMC/Safety Certifications

Wireless technology is evolving at lightning speed and with a range of applications that touch every aspect of our lives. But for wireless technology to work effectively and legally there are performance, reliability and regulatory requirements that have to be met before the product can be placed on the market.


Environmental Compliance

GreenSoft Technology helps demonstrate compliance for substance regulations and operates in multiple countries around the globe, including the US. They offer both data services and software to help you manage your compliance data and generate compliance reports with ease to ensure you’re always reporting with the most up-to-date information.


Medical Device Approvals

Zen Health Technologies is an expert medical device partner, They help manufacturers plan for FDA and International approvals by familiarizing themselves with the relevant regulations, guidelines and standards and incorporate human factors engineering activities early and throughout the product development cycle.

We are a global IoT solutions provider!


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