Blockchain Solutions

Our partner, NIX United, can help you leverage cloud-based solutions to build, host and operate your Blockchain-related functions on the Blockchain and keep infrastructure agile and operational. Nix United creates solutions that ensure confidentiality, scalability and security.


IoT and Blockchain are a perfect pair. Blockchain, synonymous with the financial and banking sector, continues to enter the mainstream business market fast. Fleet Management, Transportation and Delivery are just a few industries leveraging IoT technologies and capitalizing from Blockchain.

NIX United specializes in developing cutting edge blockchain solutions for a variety of business sectors. Their expertise in Blockchain technology offers IoT businesses autonomous security for connected devices in the form of end-to-end data encryption, thus reducing failure points. Further benefits include cost-reductions by pooling and sharing trusted data among stakeholders directly, bypassing the middleman and efficiency by leveraging “smart contract”-based networks that facilitate secure communications and transactions between IoT devices.

Through their expertise in Blockchain solutions, Nix United enables organizations to overcome IoT security concerns by ensuring devices communicate via ‘smart contracts’ and encrypt the data they exchange. Blockchain also opens opportunities for organizations to reduce their operational costs by streamlining the supply chain and removing redundant contact points.


You can leverage the power of Blockchain to ensure confidentiality and scalability while keeping your infrastructure agile and operational.

We are a global IoT solutions provider!


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