Artificial Intelligence Integration

Our partner, ONE Tech, is a global leader in edge AI technology. Their award-winning product, MicroAI™, is designed to train and run AI models directly at the endpoint. The first-of-its-kind advancement enables manufacturers and smart device owners to reduce the costs of bringing intelligence to the edge and endpoint by at least 80 percent.


ONE Tech’s developed MicroAI™ to enable machine operators and device managers to gather specific data about their assets in real-time without dependency on the cloud. The result was an immediate greater awareness of operational performance and security, which led to an accelerated digital transformation of business.

Before MicroAI™, it was near impossible to fit a machine learning algorithm on the edge device. Now, with ONE Tech’s custom-built machine learning network, the power and sophistication of MicroAI™, intelligence can be deployed on your IoT devices and connected machines with ease. Operational insights are now at your fingertips, enabling owners, managers and operators to make well-informed decisions on when to procure, decommission, maintain and repair their most valuable assets to avoid catastrophic downtime and rework.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Enterprise IT teams, MicroAI™ delivers enhanced visibility and real-time insights into when and where malicious activity has occurred. By embedding MicroAI™ into connected devices, manufacturers and managers will no longer need to cross their fingers, hoping they will not be vulnerable to the next zero-day attack.


By running AI models directly at the endpoint, you will increase response time and reduce your edge intelligence costs by at least 80%.

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