We Build and Launch Global Wireless IoT Products, Services and Solutions for Businesses, Cities and Countries of all Sizes.


We are a global IoT solutions provider, rapidly expanding the internet of things to businesses, cities and countries of all sizes with our Industry 4.0 Innovations solutions portfolio.

Our elite network of trusted partners, suppliers and vast ecosystem of universities, scientific research organizations, digital innovation hubs and R&D/test environments, delivers best in class custom end-to-end IoT solutions chartered to solve industrial size problems through Digital Transformation.

Whether you’re bringing a new IoT product to market, fine tuning the operational efficiency for your business or have a much larger problem you need to solve.

We have the capabilities to do it!

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The Critical Path is the process that gets you from an idea to a successful product launch. Whether you're just starting or already in development, we can guide you to a successful outcome.



Refining your operational efficiency is your ticket to a flourishing business. Our expert partner network provides the following services to shift your gears and take you to new heights.


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With our inaugural four part segment we will focus on explaining the four major “Critical Path” modules of methodology to consider prior to beginning your IoT product development project.

We are a global IoT solutions provider!


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