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M2M Certified provides manufacturing line set-up support at product ramp-up to mass production through end-of-life.

Our R&D team has decades of experience in manufacturing support, working with complex production processes for tier 1 Smartphone production facilities including antennas, RF, BB, SW and test systems ensuring a quick path to mass production.

Manufacturing Test Systems Development

  • Flash
  • Product Alignment (tuning)
  • Product Testing


We provide product changes to improve production yield, component changes, reliability improvements and cost reduction. Our product quality plan includes Six Sigma planning, CPK, production line qualification testing, reliability and sampling tests. Hardware testing through a reliability, durability validation test (RDVT). Hardware and software fault analysis reporting.


We provide budget analysis and cost improvements through our global network of suppliers and manufactures. Considering alternative suppliers right from the beginning and tracking these costs over time is the way M2M certified analyzes profitability during all stages of the products lifecycle.


Product launch and factory ramp-up scheduling must be carefully planned at the beginning of the project. We plan all aspects of product design, certification, device provisioning and manufacturing.